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2010-08-04 21:42:16 by Hikigane

I have been taking time to reply to my reviews. I really appreciate them all, so many thanks! I try to reply to them as quickly as possible. But I also try to get into actually putting the reviews to practice. So I will be re-releasing some songs as well as making some new stuff. I've gotten approval from Aureametaphus to remix his song Magma Fusion Reactor, so expect to see that coming along soon. Check it out at this link!

Also, I'm going to try going through and giving my own reviews of music. I really want to try to help other people get better with music just like a bunch of people have helped with mine. Hopefully I can do a good job, or at least help a little bit.

That's about it. Keep watching me if you like my stuff, and always feel free to leave (completely honest and constructive) reviews on my stuff if you haven't already!

Till next time, NG!

How do i got more traffic?

2010-06-10 12:08:46 by Hikigane

So... any wise veteran NGer wanna give me some tips on increasing page publicity?

*feels like such a noob*

Hardcore on FLS4?

2010-04-14 06:36:47 by Hikigane

Yeah. Compared to most stuff on Newgrounds, I'm really oldschool in what i use to make music. That said, one of my upcoming projects will be a hardcore-influenced track. If you don't know hardcore by name, you'd probably recognize the style from bands like The Devil Wears Prada, I See Stars, and Underoath.

That said, it's really not a good idea to try and do hardcore on a sound system like FL Studio. If anything, it makes it really obvious that you aren't using real instruments (unless you recorded certain parts of your track, in which case you're in way better luck of pulling off the illusion). It sounds horrible (and if you already don't like hardcore, this will likely kill the genre for you).

The breakdown at the beginning's kinda nice, but it's really really terrible compared to using live instruments.

But yeah... Just a piece of advice; going hardcore? Stick with a real instrument.


Audio portal...

2009-07-05 19:43:06 by Hikigane

Going to be working on some new stuff, uploading it here when it's done. I'll also have some old stuff up too (i had some good old stuff...) so that'll be fun. check back in a few weeks.

and yes i did delete Fall Away. :P

First post FTW!

2009-01-27 15:41:28 by Hikigane

So yeah. I'm on here now. Been browsing the site for over a year but never actually joined until now, since i'm actually thinkin about makin my own flash animations [mostly stick figure fights cuz i LOVE those].

Right now its like, kinda hard to figure out how everything works without a simple manual. Tutorials are nice, yeah... but its still like "wtf, i dont get this at all".

But yeah. I'll figure this out. If you got any tips feel free to post em.
i have Flash MX 2004, as a forewarning.