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Entry #5

Music Stuffs!

2010-08-04 21:42:16 by Hikigane

I have been taking time to reply to my reviews. I really appreciate them all, so many thanks! I try to reply to them as quickly as possible. But I also try to get into actually putting the reviews to practice. So I will be re-releasing some songs as well as making some new stuff. I've gotten approval from Aureametaphus to remix his song Magma Fusion Reactor, so expect to see that coming along soon. Check it out at this link!

Also, I'm going to try going through and giving my own reviews of music. I really want to try to help other people get better with music just like a bunch of people have helped with mine. Hopefully I can do a good job, or at least help a little bit.

That's about it. Keep watching me if you like my stuff, and always feel free to leave (completely honest and constructive) reviews on my stuff if you haven't already!

Till next time, NG!


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